Childrens' Birthday Parties

President's Podium

A unique way to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion! Play pirate, fence your friends, or both! Learn basic skills, fence, play. We supply all weapons and safety equipment. Call now to set one up! 

We're offering two fencing camps this summer: A get-ready-for-competition camp for high school age fencers August 25th -- 28th, and a beginner & /intermediate camp from August 11th through the 15th. Call us now for details!

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Staten Island Fencing Center

38 Winant Place * Staten Island NY 10314

Tel: 1.718.605.6789 E-mail:

Serving Staten Island since 1980

Summer Fencing Camps

A Lifetime Sport That's Exciting, Safe, and Fun!

Staten Island's Newest, Largest, and Best-Equipped Fencing Facility

Our experienced coaches can start you in fencing -- and make sure that you progress! We've worked with fencers from ages 5 to 85! 

Your first demo lesson is always free!

Basic Safety and Etiquette

The Center will be closed the week of  September 8th for a little paint and polish.  We  will reopen Monday,  September 15th for the start of our Fall Season.


As we put away the beach chairs and get back to the school books let's remember the importance of  staying active.. Fencing provides a safe and fun way to challenge your body and mind learning a new sport..  Whether you are looking for a group class or prefer individual instruction we are here to help you reach your goals.  


1. Respect the sport; respect your weapon; respect your opponent; respect your coach.

2. If you are not fencing, keep your eyes open and your point down. Don't gesture with the weapon or carry it over your shoulder.

3. When fencing, wear proper fencing equipment at all times and always be ready to defend yourself.

4.Maintain your uniform and your weapons.

5. When you are not fencing, don't even cross weapons with anyone unless you are both wearing a mask. Don't  point a weapon at anyone unless they are wearing a mask.

6. While fencing, if the referee, or an instructor, calls "Halt!" immediately stop fencing.

7. Do not walk between two fencers.

8.If you are carrying a weapon when you aren't fencing, hold it point downward in your non-dominant hand.  9. Bouts, pair exercises, and lessons begin with a salute and end with a salute and a handshake. Shake hands with the ungloved hand.

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Susan Monardo, President